Saturday, December 4, 2010

who are u ? may i ask ??

i don't know what is wrong anymore.
is it me ?
but i know what's happening
its all just a routine right ??

i've been there when u need me
no matter what.
no matter how hard
no matter what i need to sacrifice.

but lately i keep asking myself
do you even appreciate it at all ??
or do you just make use of me and then be jolly happy all by yourself.

i dont have anyone to tell anymore
because all they see is a pathetic girl whom is desperate for attention
it all hurts so bad
when even the closest to you think that of you

i feel like i dont have anyone else to turn to
i feel so pathetic
i wouldnt let you control me anymore

you know i wouldnt turn my back so you take advantage of it.
is it really so ??
i keep asking myself
i never want this life for myself
i know i can do better
but i thought life is fighting for what you want

i never thought i would feel this trapped
but what's done is done i guess
maybe that's the biggest problem
and i will not let myself be in that position again

so let it be then
if that's what you want
i'll be happy to do as you wish

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ducky is feeling great :)

i've been feeling better you know.
i try not to be emo all the time.
i figured its better to smile than to sulk right ??
i still wouldnt go around smiling like orang gila lahh...
i think its been working well.

that doesnt mean im not sad deep down.
i feel like i need some sparks in my life.
something to tell me that everything will be okayy.
i finally can ignore wadever that comes my wayy..

its tough to lose things on the way.
but on the journey to feeling better, i've gained many things.
i know which friends are worth keeping and some i should not even bother about.

oh well i think enough said for now.
im feeling fine and that's great :))

i mean look at Rihanna, she picked herself up from the darkest place and is doing great now !!

later peeps :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A day in a life of Tiffany..

these pass few weeks has passed by in a daze. seriously! let me show u what i have been doing for the past few days in the past week.

1) wake up
2) get ready to go uni
3) eat whatever there is
4) RUNNING for the bus.
5) listening to lecturer blabbing
6) plop oneself in the library
7) come home
8) eat dinner
9) plop oneself on the laptop! ASSIGNMENTS!
10) best part : back to sleep. and it goes back to square number 1 again.


this kind of moments i just wish i had not taken the big step to come here. But, there is a BUT, I'll get use to it, eventually. You won't feel the feeling of loneliness once it hits you. i blame the stupid mind working brain of mine for stressing out.=D

However, the most interesting thing that's going to happen is my internship in Queensland. speaking of the beach and sun and all wonders of what you can do in summer, is just another 4 more weeks away for me. Big SMILE!=)
lots more shopping to do and SALES are all over. Bigger SMILE!=)

til next time then..*huggies*


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I Will not let a little setback bring me down. Easier said than done. But i have to stay strong and focused. I can't afford to slack anymore. But somehow the energy is not there.

3rd Nov 2010 Will be a significant date to me and i must remember the lesson that comes with it.

With it comes disappointment and the feeling that is so helpless.

Many things are beyond control i guess. But this i could have done better. Instead i wasted time on other garbage and hence.

Too late but i Will make sure i carve out a future that is bright for myself.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a little irony of life

When things become more like a pattern rather than spontaneous and natural, it becomes such a drag. No longer are the answers its okay or we'll make it through. It becomes angry words such as I've had enough or I've waited the whole day for you. Is it the human norm to expect demand and assume over time? is it true that we tend to want more each and every time.

Maybe we should just take what comes and go. But a lot of times we let the anger in us take charge and in the end lose it.

I guess the stereotype that humans prefer something that's fresh and new is true. For example some men can cheat on their wives of 30 years for a hotter version of their wives.

Im just saying. We often let all those insignificant feelings take charge of our minds.

But ironically all those thoughts and actions shape our future.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Fat Duck's Chef..=)

I have to admit, this English Chef, Heston Blumenthal is just one in a million! For a Culinary Tutorial, i watched one of his shows and it was about him making a Wondrous Once in A Lifetime Christmas Feast Fit for Ancient Kings. its just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! imagine watching a blockbuster movie and having a sense of what the food would taste like before entering the palates. He is a chef who involves in rule-breaking, unusual experiments and an exploding oven. Taking another step towards the Molecular gastronomic Culinary experience.

his "snail porridge"


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

epic fail

I came across this and thought that i should share it.
It sure did make my day better.

Daph =)
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